Friday, July 26, 2013

July 2013 Vegan Cuts Snack Box

My second Vegan Cuts Snack Box arrived this morning :)

You can watch the unboxing video here. Please like and subscribe!

Vegan Cuts Snack Box
Everything I got

Here's a list of everything inside:

Boulder Canyon - Rice & Bean Chips (Natural Salt) [Review here]
Food Should Taste Good - Chips (Multigrain) [Review here]
Snapea Crisps - Chips (Green Peas)
Seaweed Love - Roasted Seaweed
Viana - Veggie Sausage Stick
Nature's Bakery - Fig Bar (Peach Apricot) [Review here]
Smooze - Fruit Ice (Coconut & Mango)
MacroLife Naturals - Macro Green Bar (Chocolate & Cinnamon) [Review here]
Lady Jane - Toasted Hemp Seeds
Eat Green Tea - Tea Leaves
BOGO Coupon for Snapea Crisps
$5 Coupon Code for GymPact
Information Card on Nuwi
Information Card on Included Products

As always, once I eat/drink/use these products, I'll post a review, so keep an eye out.


Friday, July 19, 2013

July 2013 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

So, my very first Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts arrived today!! This is their very first box. They announced it I believe around the end of June, and after a couple hours of debating, I decided to sign up for it. They quickly sold out, so I was glad I was able to snag their premiere box!

I did an unboxing video for it, which you can view here.

Here's two pictures I took after shooting the video:

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box
All the items I received

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box
All the products stuffed inside the received pouch

And here's a list of everything that was in my Beauty Box:

Lippy Girl - Lip Gloss (Extra Virgin) [Review here]
GlamNatural - Mascara (Black)
Suntegrity - Moisturizing Sunscreen (Golden Light)
Acure Organics - Moroccan Argan Oil
Namaste - Jemma Pouch (Eggplant)
Essence of Vali - Sleep Aid
NYL - Face Wash
LVX - Nail Polish (Deco) [Review here]
Information Card on GlamNatural Mascara
Information Card on All Products

If you want to subscribe to the Beauty Box (August is still available), you can do so here. It's the same price as their Snack Box: $19.95/month. There do seem to be fewer products in the box (I was expecting the same size box as my first Snack Box, but alas, no, it was a smaller box). Their website does state though that the Beauty Box comes with 4-7 products, whereas their Snack Box comes with 7-10 products, so it's understandable that it's a smaller box. Plus, I'm assuming that each of these products are more expensive than their food products in the Snack Box, so it evens out I suppose. I was just hoping for more!

Anyways, once I use these products, I'll be writing reviews and posting them here, so keep an eye out!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 2013 Conscious Box

My July 2013 Conscious Box arrived this morning!

If you want to watch the unboxing video, I just finished uploading it to YouTube. You can find it here. Please watch and like the video. And subscribe for future videos ;)

And here's just a few pictures I took after making the video:

Conscious Box
First flap open...

Conscious Box
Second flap open. Theme was fireworks :)

Conscious Box
Everything I received in my box

Here's what I received (in order presented in the video):

Information Pamphlet
Similasan - Computer Eye Relief
Blossom Organics - Moisturizing Lubricant
Ultima Replenisher - Electrolyte Powder (Lemonade)
Hydration Factor - Drink Mix (Citrus)
Good Nature - Fruit Tea (Cranberry)
Parma! - Vegan Cheese [Review here]
Beanfields - Bean & Rice Chips (Salt N' Pepper)
Herbamare - Sea Salt (with $1 off coupon)
Organic Flavrz - Drink Mix (Fruit Punch)
Organic Flavrz - Drink Mix (Superfruit) [Review here]
Stash - Herbal Tea (Lavender-Tulsi)
Stash - Herbal Tea (Chocolate Orange)
Last Round - Hangover Support
Bambooee - Reusable Bamboo Towel
Eco-Gecko - Reusable Wooden Spoon [Review here]
15% Off Voucher on True Natural Self-Tanning Lotions
$20 Voucher for Mineral Hygienics

And of course, if you want to subscribe to get your own Conscious Box, you can do so here. As with my previous two monthly boxes, once I eat/drink/use the product, I'll post a review here on my blog :)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Skout Bar (Cherry & Vanilla)

Another bar from my Conscious Box that I brought to work. This one was definitely chewier than the Larabar I tried.

Skout bar, cherry and vanilla

Similar to the previous bar though, I didn't like the taste. I only ate half during my break at work, but, as before, I managed to finish it over the next few days. Hopefully the second Skout bar I received (apple and cinnamon) will fare better...

Skout bar, unwrapped


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Larabar (Peanut Butter)

I decided to bring my Larabar from my Conscious Box with me to work so I can eat it while on my break. I was a little nervous as I'm not a huge peanut butter fan. I actually can't remember the last time I had any!

Larabar Alt peanut butter bar

I only managed to eat half of the bar as the peanut butter was a little too overwhelming for me. I'm sure it tastes great to others though who actually enjoy peanut butter.

Larabar unwrapped

Although I finished the rest of the bar later over the next few days, if I were to buy one of the Larabars in the future, it wouldn't be this flavor! I did enjoy the texture though and all the nutrition packed into such a tiny bar :)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Go Veggie! Parmesan Cheese

As I stated in my post about the two subscription boxes and in my video, I signed up for the Vegan Cuts Snack Box when I saw on their Facebook page that this item was to be included in their June box. Over the weekend in which I first received this box, I made pasta, so I had the chance to try this out right away.

Before sprinkling it on, I took a whiff of it. Boy, was it strong! Once I did sprinkle it all over my pasta and took a bite, it was pretty overwhelming. Although the texture and appearance are the same as the dairy version, it definitely does NOT taste the same! But I knew ahead of time that it likely would taste very different.

Go Veggie! Parmesan Cheese
Go Veggie! Parmesan Cheese (front)

Go Veggie! Parmesan Cheese
Go Veggie! Parmesan Cheese (back)

Since then, over the last few weeks, whenever I've made pasta, I'd sprinkle a little bit of this all over, then include a layer of dairy cheese on top. In this manner, the taste isn't as strong as the initial time. I'm hoping that this way, I can slowly get used to the taste and perhaps, over time, I can change the ratios, so there's more of the Go Veggie cheese than the dairy one.

So, I'm going to keep using it. Hopefully I'll get used to it, and perhaps even start to like it! While I was at my regional grocery store, Hy-Vee, I noticed that they actually got this item in stock, so if/when I do buy this in the future, I now have the ability to buy it right away instead of buying it online and waiting for it to ship.