Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Organic Flavrz (Revive)

So, I finally got around to trying one of these flavored drink mixes from my very first, June Conscious Box. I was at home working one day when I got thirsty, but wanted something a little more exciting than just plain water. So, I filled up my Blender bottle with water, then dumped in the entire contents of the Revive, Superfruit Sports Drink mix, and then shook the bottle to mix it together.

Front of the drink mix
Back of the drink mix
Close-up of the back

Maybe it's some kind of placebo effect, but knowing that it's vegan, organic, and non-toxic (compared to like Vitamin Water), it tasted so yummy! I'm excited now to try out the other flavors I got.

All mixed together
Added some ice to make it colder

I can definitely see myself buying these in the future :) Two thumbs up, I definitely recommend it!


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