Friday, November 15, 2013

October 2013 Conscious Box

Sorry it's taken this long to do, but I've been busy with an internship. Finally had time though today to edit the video. So, without further ado, here's my post on my October Conscious Box.

The video, which just finished uploading, can be found here. Please like the video after you've watched :)

As per usual, here's a few pictures of this month's (or rather last month's) box:

It was a Halloween theme ;)
This month's message
Everything I got :)

And here's the list:

PopChips - Chips (original potato)
Goddess Garden Organics - Lotion (grapefruit bergamot)
Eat Green Tea - Edible Green Tea
Outer Spice - Spice Blend (himalayan sea salt)
Gardenbar - Bar (italian savory)
Wean Green - Snack Cube (blueberry)
CrumCreek - Mini-Breadsticks
The Honest Company - Shampoo + Body Wash
Auroshikha - Incense (frankincense)
Information Card on Goddess Garden Organics (with coupon code)
Information Card on Outer Spice (with recipe ideas and coupon code)
BioBag - Compostable Waste Bags

Once I eat and use these products, I'll write up a review then post it here on my blog. Stay tuned!

And if you want to sign up for your own Conscious Box, you can do so here :)


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: Parma! Cheese (and Eco-Gecko Wooden Spoon)

I was looking forward to this the most in July's Conscious Box as I didn't like the taste of Go Veggie's Parmesan cheese (you can read that review here).

Cheese and spoon, perfect fit!

Although this one didn't taste or look like dairy Parmesan cheese, I actually sort of liked it. The fact that it only has 5 ingredients (organic walnuts, nutritional yeast, organic sunflower seeds, organic hemp seeds, and Himalayan salt) was a very nice bonus (smaller ingredient list, the better in most cases).

Since the sample came in a small plastic bag (instead of some kind of shaker, like with Go Veggie's sample), I figured I should use a spoon, otherwise it'll all come out at once. So, I decided to use the Eco-Gecko wooden spoon included in the same month's box. The small spoon worked well for the small bag. Now that I've used up the entire sample, I'm not sure what I'll use the spoon for as it's quite tiny. For now, it will stay in my cupboard until I can find a use for it.

Parma on my pasta :)

As for the "Parmesan cheese", the sample was used up after just a few plates of pasta. Since I liked the health benefits (omega 3's, B12, protein) and the taste wasn't bad at all (I'm sure after awhile, I'll actually prefer it over the dairy version), I decided to buy a full bottle of it (my first time actually buying a product after sampling it from one of the monthly boxes!). I looked on all the sites that sold it and found that the cheapest (including shipping) was on Amazon (not to mention I have an Amazon Visa card, so triple the points).

7oz bottle
Nutritional facts

Once I finished my last bottle of dairy Parmesan cheese, I started to use Parma! cheese (in conjunction with finishing up Go Veggie's Parmesan cheese, which I still have some left!). I'm about to open my third bottle Parma cheese. This is definitely a winner in my books for an alternative to Parmesan cheese, even though it doesn't taste cheesy at all. I highly recommend it!