Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Macro Greens Bar (Chocolate & Cinnamon)

I was looking forward to trying this bar from my July Vegan Cuts Snack Box as this was the first bar I've received in either boxes (Conscious Box or Vegan Cuts) that was chocolate (and I love chocolate). So, as with all my previous bars, I brought this one to work with me to munch on during my break.

Macro Greens bar

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed. The bar was littered with nuts and, sadly, I hate nuts in chocolate. Although the chocolate part itself tasted different from other junk chocolate bars, I think I might have actually liked this bar if the nuts were taken out. Or even blended or something. I like my chocolate bars to be "smooth", not crunchy.

Ingredient list
Nutrition facts

Even though I finished the bar over a couple of weeks, I'm definitely not going to buy this flavor of bar in the future.

What it looks like inside


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