Saturday, December 21, 2013

CC Cream

Earlier this year, I received a free sample in the mail of a BB cream. After trying it out, and liking it, I decided to look for a full-size version I could buy. I quickly realized I'd need to look for a different brand though as the one I received not only had a long list of toxic chemicals, but animal by-products as well. Through my research though, I found a new BB-like cream just emerging into the market. It was basically like a souped-up version of BB cream, with added benefits. It was called CC cream.

Trying to not only find a vegan cream, but one with no toxic chemicals proved to be difficult. Since CC cream was new and there weren't a lot available yet, the choices were limited. But I prevailed and found a vegan, non-toxic CC cream. The brand? Juice Beauty. I knew I found the right one when I saw some of Juice Beauty's products were collaborated with Alicia Silverstone, an outspoken vegan and activist.

Front of outer box
Back of outer box

Juice Beauty's CC cream comes in two shades and I chose the lighter of the two as I'm quite pale. Instead of buying directly from Juice Beauty's site though, I went with as I'm a member, earn cashback, and get free two-day shipping through ShopRunner.

Front of tube
Back of tube

A few days after receiving it, I began using it. Since I started, I haven't really noticed any permanent physical changes to my skin, but it does make it look smoother after I apply a layer. It's a great moisturizer with SPF 30, a nice added bonus.

I bought it back at the beginning of April and I'm still on my first tube. Definitely lasts awhile!

So, if you're in the market for a BB cream/CC cream/moisturizer, I'd definitely recommend this one :)


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