Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Califia Farms Coupon

In my first Vegan Cuts Snack Box, there was a coupon for a free (!!) bottle of Califia Farms (either for their almond milk or iced coffee). On the coupon, it stated that Califia is "available at Whole Foods". Well, I live in South Dakota and there is not one single Whole Foods in my entire state. The nearest one is in Minneapolis, about a six hour drive there (and thus, another six hours back). So, not worth it for just ~$4. I was a little said I wouldn't be able to use the coupon, but I kept it... just in case. And I'm so glad I did.

One day, about a week after I had received my box, while in my regional grocery store Hy-Vee, I noticed that they had a new brand of almond milk available. Any guesses as to what brand? That's right, Califia Farms! I couldn't believe it. It's like the store knew about me getting that coupon, haha!

Anyways, I didn't have the coupon on me, so I couldn't buy it on that shopping trip. On my next trip to Hy-Vee though, I had the coupon on hand and bought it. Well, I tried to buy it anyways... Once I presented the coupon, the cashier tried scanning it across, but it didn't work. So, she looked at the coupon and began to read it more closely. She pointed out the statement at the very top where it said "available at Whole Foods" and that because they weren't Whole Foods, they couldn't accept the coupon. Whaaaaat?! I was a little surprised that she thought this. It was just a statement saying where you can find the product, not that it was valid only at Whole Foods. She called over the manager and he said the same thing as she did. She handed the coupon back to me and I told her I didn't want the almond milk. I was both and angry, I work in retail and know the difference in wording between "available" and "valid only".

I decided to email Califia Farms and explained what had happened. I asked if I was right in thinking that the coupon should have been accepted. Within minutes (wow!), I received a response back saying that yes, I was right. They mentioned that if it happens again to tell the manager to call them.

So, on my next trip, I printed out the email, ready to hand it over. But there was no need. Although the coupon didn't work on the scanner, this cashier, without a word, pressed a couple of buttons and did it manually. Someone who actually knew how to do their job! So, finally, I got my free Califia Farms almond milk!

Free Califia Farms almond milk

It tastes the same as previous brands I've bought (Blue Diamond and Silk) and since Califia Farms costs about $1 more, I probably won't be buying them in the future. Which I find just a little funny with everything I went through just to get the free Califia Farms product!


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