Monday, October 7, 2013

September 2013 Vegan Cuts Snack Box

So, this month's Vegan Cuts Snack Box definitely arrived late. I got the tracking email on September 27th, but the only status was that electronic shipping information had been received on the 21st. I was going to contact Vegan Cuts last Monday, but thankfully, that very day, the status finally updated to saying it was accepted at a sorting facility, phew! It was delivered on October 2nd. Better late than never though ;)

Anyways, you can watch my unboxing video here on Youtube. Please like the video :)

My Vegan Cuts Snack Box :)

List of everything inside:

Kiwa - Vegetable Chip Mix
TeeChia - Super Seeds Cereal (blueberry date)
Home Free - Cookies (mini double chocolate chip)
Herbal Zap - Herbal Supplement (immune support)
Snapz - Apple Crisps with Cinnamon
Meatless Select - Fishless Tuna
Barnana - Chewy Banana Bites
Raw Snacks - Snack Bar (blueberry vanilla)
Information on TeeChia Products, Plus a Recipe
Coupon Code for TeeChia
Information on Fishless Tuna Product
Information Card on Herbal Zap Product
Information Card on All Products

As per usual, once I eat and drink these products, I'll post up a review here on my blog.

If you want to get your own box of delicious goodies, you can subscribe here.


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