Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So, a couple of months ago, I was in the market for a new purse as the one I had was beginning to fall apart on one of the straps. With veganism in mind, I searched on Google for "vegan purses". I soon found a plethora of sites selling purses with no animal products as any of the used materials.

What stood out to me were these hemp purses. Although I was a little weary at first at buying something made out of hemp, I rather quickly found my thoughts were pointless. Hemp has multiple benefits; I was sold.

After doing some searching, I found a brand of bags, backpacks, and purses made out of hemp: Sativa. They had a wide selection with reasonable prices. Although the company was based out of the UK, I managed to find a site here in the US that sold most of their products: BuyGreen.

Once I was sure which purse I wanted (I was debating between two), I purchased it. I was very glad with the choice I made as it fit everything I wanted it to (I have a lot of stuff!). Plus, no animals were harmed or killed for it, so even better!

Here are a few pictures of my Sativa purse:

Purse [yes that's a moose, I'm from Canada ;) ]

Purse with the 3 main compartments unzipped

Front compartment, has 2 inside, open pockets

Main compartment, has 2 inside, open pockets as well as a
back zippered pocket

Back compartment, no inside pockets (I usually have my Kindle Fire
inside there)

Side view of purse and how wide it can get when opened

Here's the purse on Sativa's website, as well as on BuyGreen's website.


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