Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Michy's Cookie

First item I tried from my Vegan Cuts Snack Box was the Michy's cookie. If you couldn't tell from my video, I was excited about the cookie! ;)

What I thought were chocolate chips at first glance ended up actually being dried cranberries. Never had dried cranberries before, so that was a first. I actually didn't mind it at all and ate the entire cookie :)

I was a little concerned the cookie might be a little stale (as it was at least a week since it was baked), but it tasted very fresh and I couldn't even tell it was "old".

Michy's Cran Rustica (from Michy's website)

Looking at Michy's website, they have a variety of cookies, as well as brownies. Pretty reasonably priced too: a bag of 12 cookies for $5.50 (not including shipping). And the ingredient list is short and sweet. Here's what was inside my cookie, the Cran Rustica:

-organic white whole wheat flour
-rolled oats
-organic maple syrup
-organic safflower oil
-organic vegan brown sugar
-dried cranberries (sugar, sunflower oil)
-organic flaxseed meal
-pure vanilla extract
-baking soda
-baking powder
-sea salt

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the cookie/company. If I do end up buying cookies from them, I'll likely opt in to their "classic" cookie which contains chocolate chips instead, which I prefer.


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