Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bowling Shoes

So, a couple of months ago, my husband got into bowling. He quickly bought his own ball, bag, and shoes. He typically goes during the week, in the evening after he's done work. With my job in retail though, I typically work nights, so I couldn't join him as often. When I did though, I'd just use the bowling alley's balls and shoes.

In March though, I finally decided to get my own equipment as I was constantly disgusted with the balls; just knowing that other people have used them, and probably aren't as diligent as washing their hands as I am. Not to mention the fact that their shoes are made of leather.

I easily found the ball I wanted, as well as the bag to hold it. The issue I had was trying to find non-leather bowling shoes. After much searching, I finally came across this post (one of the last paragraphs) that mentioned that Dexter's Mary Jane bowling shoes were vegan. Finally! I typically buy things on Amazon, but since I wasn't sure if these bowling shoes would fit or not, I decided to buy directly from the website (it was only a few dollars more anyways), just in case if I needed to make a return (and they make it sound easy to do so). I didn't need to worry about returning though as they fit perfectly (I went with the same size as I do at bowling alleys)!

Once they arrived a few days later, I was excited to try them out. They look different from regular bowling shoes (this can either be a good or bad thing for some people; I went with good), yet are still comfortable!

Dexter's Mary Jane bowling shoes
Dexter's Mary Jane bowling shoes



  1. Thanks for posting this. Do you, by any chance, know whether Dexter's other bowling shoes are vegan? I would like vegan men's bowling shoes. Thanks!

  2. Vegan is the norm for ten pin bowling shoes nowadays, leather is the exception.

    1. Good to know! Nice to have my own pair though and not have to worry about allllll the other people that have worn them :)

  3. Hi All, would some kind soul let me know where i can buy the Dexter Mary Jane Bowling Shoe? I've searched the net and no luck. Amazon seems to have sold out. Also, is it ALL man made? I don't have a clue as to the price. I'd love it as opposed to all those gross looking sneakers!

    I live in Manhattan, NYC and hope to find them in a store so i can try it on first, but will buy online is necessary).

    Thanks ever so much for any ideas!!! :o)

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